jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

A Gumbo Thursday

First attempt.

Well, not that long ago the idea of describing Gumbo —a southern/Creole dish— that's hard to define from the very beginning of that concept perse was presented to me by the person that actually brought Gumbo to my life —as corny as this just sounded—. It's not a soup, not a broth, not a stew. It is effing Gumbo, people.

Today's Thursday and one of my extra classes had just been cancelled while on my way there, so I decided to go and grab a bite at Stu's place in Pasaje Rodríguez. The decision was taken and the Gumbo Assignment started today even knowing this might will take me a couple of more times tasting it before figuring it out at least kind-of-fiction-writer's style

Friendly reminder: The writer (me) does not know shit about cooking and food and general, the employed wording appeals more to poetry and narrative than to culinary arts, so back off or else I'll chop off your head and deep fry it and serve it with sweet potatoes puree and some green on the side. She's just a food junkie.


Salty is not a word for this dish, "Spicy" works better, but it's nothing like Mexican or Korean spicy (Mexican I can't stand it, Korean I have a love-hate relationship). It is waaaaaay beyond that. Here spices are powerful, especially for a non-salt type of person as yours truly, but them being overwhelming doesn't make this dish disgusting nor uneatable, that's where Voodoo Stu brags about his super powers because, so far, Gumbo is number two in my heart coming from Mr. Cardwell's cuisine only beaten by the Po'boy shrimp sandwich, but Fried Fantasy Chicken is working its way through.

Warmth of Cajun spices in the shrimp takes seat in the inner part of the lips while the broth takes over the tongue and the palate. At first you could swear that it's all over your inner cheeks too, but with a tiny sip of sweet tea is all gone —only from your checks, the rest of your mouth is still taken by the bunch of flavors you decided to try—.

From the very start, Gumbo is hard to describe due to the bunch of ingredients that it has, but something is for sure, it is meal that makes your tummy happy with capital letters. I mean, HAPPY😁. The warmth skips from your mouth and jumps to your stomach, you  throat is clear from the soreness of the spices so you won't be coughing throughout lunch —as Mexican I just can't picture this being eaten at no other moment of the day, specially not as dinner.

End of First Attempt

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